Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bog Bodies

You may find this post of dead bodies quite weird and strange but before you judge, please take a second to look at how preserved and together they still are, even down to the chin hair! These bodies were found in bogs, a wet area composed of 90% water and 10% decayed earth supplements! The bogs are where families would cut the peat, for us known as tar, to supply their houses with fuel to keep the fire burning, hot water hot, etc.. But in the bogs, everything stays as it is, there's no oxygen in there so things stay preserved! When families would go cut their peat, they'd leave their water or even milk inside the wet area to keep it cold! Since the bogs are so wet and muddy, it's hard to see where they are leveled and during the war when the British attacked, some people fell into the bogs or even hid there and weren't able to get out. So their bodies stayed there and now many people have came across the bodies and find them as seen above. Fully preserved and there.

 It's amazing how something so traditional and some what boring (cutting, turning, drying peat) can lead to the finding of things soo interesting! The Book of Kells has also been found in a bog!